Meeting at Vista Grande Community Center

We are a bible believing church who demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by building relationships, providing ministry and seeking opportunities to glorify God in the community. Vista Grande Church is like a family in our relationships with each other, and welcoming environment. Please join us this coming Sunday. Join us for Refreshments at 9:00AM and Worship Service at 9:30AM

Message from Pastor CharlesGod's will for your life.
(Galatians 6:2) Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of
The law of Christ means the will of the Lord Jesus, it refers to love. Jesus
commanded the disciples to love one another. Love includes the motive,
and the action.
Jesus taught the disciples to love, and He loved them every day, so His
command to Love each other the way I love you meant serving, helping,
caring, and even laying down your life for friends.
Love is Jesus' way. It is the most excellent way. It is God's will. We know
what love is because we know Him. We are our brother's keeper. To bear
another's burden is to share the actual love and life of Christ and fulfill his

Pastor Charles